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  • DMLR is the acronym for Direct Marketing Linked Resources. DMLR is website, newsletter and magazine since 1997. Who should attend?
    DMLR is basically dedicated to MARKETING STUDENTS and ASSISTANTS learning techniques on the Internet marketing; and to PROFESSIONALS and MANAGERS willing to start up their own web site.
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  • INTRO Italian native and graduate of Modena University, 38-year old I left a position as Executive Analyst of a consulting firm and kept on taking seriuosly the Internet... 
  • 1996 I spent one month in visiting Canada (ON) and USA (IL, MN) where I studied English-language in depth and learnt about Direct Marketing and the Internet. Afterwards I joint an Italian local ISP (Modena) to teach entrepreneurs how to use the Internet for commercial purpose. 
  • 1997 my interest in marketing --as former food product manager (Bologna, 1984/90) and ceramic tiles marketing manager (Modena, 1990/93) by national companies-- took me to set up this Web site, now DMLR.ORG.
  • 1998-99 I served as Web Project Manager for some SMEs to build their very first web site (eg., by managing it from DESIGN to HTML.
  • 1999 I have been teaching marketing fundamentals at EVENING COURSES for young managers by a professional coaching institute. 
  • 2001 I joint as ACCOUNT MANAGER a marketing communication agency. That year's 9/11 horribly bad scene annihilated completely the preparatory work...  
  • 2002 to 2023 I kept on producing DMLR as personal website while the marketing project got more visibility on line by adopting the registered Web domain 

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