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I'm about to lay some social dilemma on me... I stop running D.M.L.R. after 20 years of marketing articles, Web sites reviews, self-published newsletters, on-line user statistics, and e-zines! And what better time than now while the social media hang over the old-time neutral Internet as I know IT since 1997—20 years are a perfect deadline to revamp your own utility room or professional model. No big surprise that I might let this project free and stop publishing Web pages so much insulated nobody could be reading anymore. Don't imagine for a while I'm feeling nostalgic about this long-standing Web site. That's a normal transition to be active through the social platforms allegedly in uncontrolled glee. I have been already spending as little time around TWITTER as possible. But I want to go on and share just now on INSTAGRAM some pictures I snapped a couple of days, hours, uh, minutes ago... If the chore turns out to be too complicated for me, I could go on and tell my experience, job after job, on LINKEDIN. Maybe using sort of an enhanced nickname, DONRO959, and no one would say I'm not a social guy from the outer space, uh, century!
P.S. Meanwhile Dmlr.org has gotten an enlargement to 533 pages by 8,446,616 total bytes of glossy size, okay? Please, dig in, feel free!
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One more thing...

Thus iGen are the newcomers to the groovy world of always connected people. If some teenager asked if I'd ever heard of a social network, or met someone in, I wouldn't grew evasive... "strangely enough I joined Twitter five years ago just today". Why not share events, toughts or an original 1,100-haiku collection—earning me the nickname "Donro59"?

PS. During these years I'd appreciate your attention made of every single RT's or ♥'s message!


Millennials calling!

Young-no-young & Adult-never-adult. Two social clusters have been affirming within the false dicotomy made of Digital Revolution vs. Real Life. Inspectioned by Jean M. Twenge (www.jeantwenge.com) the teenager evolution shows a distroyed generation—those born after the Millennials (1977-95) also called Generation Z. Digital natives appear in fact, if compared with previous generations, occupied mostly full time by the smart phone as the tool introducing them to the social media environment and constricting them into a golden jailhouse without the realworld inconveniences... "Put away your cell phone" seem to invite them an uncountable range of professors and authors without clearly succeding since this GenerationMe is oriented only to the imprints coming from social media leaders and companions alive and kicking at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I would say that they are quiter than we were, completely absorbed and working to build up their traffic—you know those social network effects—just busy at the smart phone because of that all-too-familiar sad but true personal business plan. A moral question should read "Who generated this thing?" Maybe someone will answer that was neither Apple nor Microsoft directly, rather the problem had been a generation of click-happy users just married!
PS. There is one more thing...


Re: DMLR 20th year!

On Wed. 6 <donro@dmlr.org> wrote:
Dear Mr. Godin, 1997 I had set up a personal Web site informing about not conventional marketing concepts and practices. So this year marks the 20th year of D.M.L.R. as established on line. Dmlr(dot)org is a long-run non-profit project aiming to marketing students and pros. By the way many references to "SETH GODIN" are still available. To search a subject inside the site please use the FreeFind box located at the starting pages. Thanks for your attention.

PS. This mail was meant for Seth Godin... 8 hours later he wrote "bravo" in response... thank you Seth!



Another hottest summer is slowly vanishing... out there the social media environment rules revealing the shopping potential of Century XXI. Whenever I need to know anything touching on the non-sci-fi world of marketing, Philip Kotler is the right one. It's surprisingly remarkable to read the insights from the No.1 in marketing management —Philip Kotler's articles on The Marketing Journal. When I started a short but intense career as product manager, first I read on the fundamentals of marketing from Kotler's masterpiece published in Italy by ISEDI. From then on Kotler always figures out how this business unit's army has to upgrade from pushing technique into ethical discipline because it's founded on the contact with the folks, no matter the media allowing it happens. Marketers have to listen to the people, enter into their intimacy, understand what they really want or need, hear from and learn about their habits and beliefs. All that requires an ethical approach getting on with an ongoing evolution! But today Kotler goes beyond and send us some sentimental attachment trying not to deceive anyway in presence of the persistent short fall of society. Suggestion being the next thing includes a mix of demarketing plus you name it!
P.S. Kotler's recent work has moved fast, as they like to say on the cover, from Traditional to Digital Marketing...



Half a résumé, half a business card. That's the DonRo personal page illustrated by a pixilated self-portrait dated back in 2000 when the computer art seemed to me a natural way to gain confidence from the Apple-bound software. The resulting virtual ID is carrying all the props required for my character on the Internet—do you believe in a parallel world? But if you want to know me deeper than an online figured author, I would like to add some distinctive signs in case we met in meatspace. Other useful details never disclosed before being a) pronounced snoot, b) twang, c) black-and-blue bracelet, and d) the unmistakable odor of Everlast eau de toilette—this strong feature turning into a problem since that natural spray got no longer in production and a fistful of items is ultimately on stock from distant stores located in the U.S.!
P.S. The bio on my Web site refers vaguely to visiting North-America and recalls the September 11, 2001 terrible event as the edge to give up on a marketing career despite of my past experience on the field. But then the circle was completed and I used to restrategize... just surviving Dmlrdotorg as the foreword to the marketer deep down.

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Here we take a rapid tour of DMLR logos. Along with the dotorg-domain registration (2000), and after years of experiencing with product line names and symbols of industrial & commercial brands, I engaged to set up a logo rendered in affectionate detail for myself! DMLR Logo That job's displayed here as 100x100 pixel-seized image where all the words composing the dmlr acronym lived up on the four sides of the resulting square area. Colors I picked up for the logo came from a range used first to modeling top banners during the initial period of this Web site publishing, when for no specific reason kind of LightSkyBlue and Crimson became largely part of it—as of 2001 DMLR layout manifesto. Later on the logo diminished to a smaller image as one could find out at any entry-level pages today, being no more a square logo justified and divided horizontally by a text reduced to 'dmlr' above and '.org' below, and ultimately the up-to-seven-color background either fixed or changeable behind it.
P.S. To keep the design strictly business, be prepared for the extreme rigor of Web background and text combination. So copy&past this incredible spreadsheet known as Web Color Visualizer depicting a wide palette of shades revealed with their hex codes!

 [of history]


Admitting that the DMLR-project is a distant vintage doesn't annihilate the factual proof it's a little crumb on Internet history. The year 1997 will be remembered sure not for the launch of this Web site but for some facts helping clearly visualize that period to newcomers as Millennials or even younger generation. Promptly twenty years ago, the outer space did send signals since the comet Hale-Boop made its closest approach to earth around April and in reply to the mankind had rocketed to Saturn with the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft whose mission has been extended until 2017 as NASA, meantime becoming a social-friendly organization, confirmed recently on its Twitter account. Again that year, the computer-nerds age was definitely certified when IBM's Deep Blue defeated the chess World Champion in a match for the very first time. To get more real, the Dow Jones Industrial did close above 7,000 in February and above 8,000 in July—so one could compare the old closings to nowadays 22,000 and think out how the economy as figured at Wall Street goes wealthier in no time flat whenever a righteous US President has been elected thereabouts. Not every thing did bode well, if now and then the Lords of War are going to rule some state affairs, or neighborhood issues?, all across the world despite a NGOs coalition deserved a medal like the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize by virtue of an Int'l Campaign to Ban Landmines. Weapons apart I would notice that the equally strategic Entertainment—since 1997 the most clicked category onto Web portals—acknowledged the Grrrl Power those days as never before. While songwriter Erykah Badu's debut album 'Baduizm' was released in February to get a roaring success, Lara Croft was positioning herself as one of the most recognizable video game superheroes since Tomb Raider II for PC and Play Station got launched by then. Of course, Lara Croft, maybe a further exclusive deal with Sony Computer Entertainment for future episodes and a film-translated series?
P.S. Back in 1997 the Number Zero of DMLR News was around the corner... The first vintage collection continues as long as No.1/September, No.2/October, No. 3/November, and No.4/December (note: all b/w issues in Italian text only).



This morning the Nescafé mocaccino was too hot so I slouched into a chair before sipping it and "Am I creative also without a coffee?" asked myself. The creative part of me emerges throughout the Web pages in several forms. At first as copywriter of newsletter issues, temporary teasers, and meta-marketing stories. Furthermore as apprentice designing banners and other graphics like DMLR logos, maybe too naïve <IMG> but not evidently got out from search at iStockPhoto or Getty Images. A perception of creative work from the people viewing the site—on a tiny percentage they are turning into readers or subscribers—has been always wishful regardless of the terms a creative guy defines to settle for a self-published output. On this site the visitors have stumbled across strings usually located at the bottom of each page to claim credits by the use of either the familiar © symbol or this almost hieroglyphic k®ea'ti:v footnote, depending on the done work I would like to remind to them all being into the site or finally bootlegging the product. That work would be ranging from HTML tech arrangement to SimpleText setup or, as more demanding task, a lot of Web pages planning and packaging. As matter of fact your rights to copy from this work are widely permitted... just respect the license that I pointed out as DMLR author. Thank you!

Creative Commons License
PS. Direct Marketing Linked Resources by Roberto Dondi is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Based on this work at www.dmlr.org.



An entire section of D.M.L.R.—if you prefer a more Web addressing dmlr.org—has been dedicated to storytelling. Its Top-magazine-filed contents did their best to fill up the time collapse intervening within the usual newsletter succession since that used to be broken off by monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly issues depending on the phase of which edition, e.g. DmlrNews, DmlrLite, DmlrGold. 2001 the Top magazine approaches its peak when I conceived the three-step unusual project called The Million Trilogy around the theme of municipal marketing, best explained as "Let's go to some websites whose purpose is to support the city through the new digital media environment". YEAH, EARLY IN THIS CENTURY FIRST DECADE WE LIVED IN A WORLD DEFINED BY URBANIZATION AS WELL AS DIGITAL UBIQUITY AND HYPERMEDIA COMPUTER MEDIATED ENVIRONMENT (HCME). From then on the big cities and folks inside them have been just networking towards a growing smart, mobile, connected future. The project went on as my second doctoral thesis workout, timely online, and was introduced from the not-so-easy-to-shape banner reloaded below here... that's featuring a <MAP> tag in order to link from the same GIF image to three different stages of the Million Trilogy, kind of a Loop-project. Each out of three magazines—precisely Polo, Platz, and Proxy refer to contiguous HTML pages—you choose to start from serves with a different approach to the leading theme, where ever we are it's a big city!

The Million Trilogy

PS. Click on the colored '0' to read the Million Trilogy as part I (green), part II (red), part III (blue). Exit of the loop wasn't clearly marked, or likely impossible to get to...



Today software programs like Netscape Navigator or Eudora Light mean simple nostalgia, just registered product names passed over because of the competitive rules. The same oblivion occurred to once way of life as notorious as Second Life—many accounts got idle there in—so we asking where the hell have gone all THOSE AVATARS CREATED BY SECOND LIFE DISCIPLES? To that place called The Deep Web? Less dramatic than ID loss it seems to happen a progressive disappearing of acronyms related to the Internet first manner. For example F.A.Q. one thought to read as 'fuck' but later learned is innocent acronym for "Frequently Asked Question". Soon the FAQ section was a must on each Web site built up as truly consumer-oriented trick. FAQ as term, I guess, was probably defined in a computer science department by a group of bold geeks sick and tired to develop solutions for answering all the questions a mass of customers could address to via the Internet. FAQs turn out to be both a magic solution and a human spit, properly pronounced as the four-letter word, since the Web developers could communicate with unexpected people around the world. Thus I won't say FAQ was for geeks what for us, students of Economy in the early '80s, were bleak acronyms like CIF or FOB deriving from a mercantile tradition founded by true gentlemen.
P.S. Do the shortcut F.A.Q. scare you? Here are the amazing information benefits of the FAQs!



All I did is try for what managers call co-marketing. DMLR stands alongside Amazon in its #LoveToRead campaign to broaden the reading of books anyway—from paperback as turn-the-pages tradition to kindle as wireless mode, next thing the Audible audiobook version. I spare you the details on how to build a custom aStore that only would lead deep into the Amazon labyrinth. Let's say all Amazon associates, being charmed by this 21st century e-commerce myth, are allowed to create their own store to push for the commercial future of that NASDAQ-traded company! So far DMLR Club is a 4-category shop that suggests a small selection in a jumble of books classified by
  1. Marketing reloaded
  2. Storytelling
  3. GoGreen!!!
  4. Kids06
Whereabouts many selected books have been actually linking to arguments I treated of through the narratives I used in the years to put onto DMLR besides the hardcore marketing acts.


PS. DMLR Club official banner was adopted in 2006 and I created it as usual as 468x60 animated GIF file. The idea came to me from The Draughtsman's Contract, well-known to the moviegoers community, appropriately reachable at DMLR Club lounge!



Cutting-edge movement
to pledge a precious planet
as long-term project!

P.S. Over 1,000 little stories did I write on Twitter. Read on the Haiku Collection!


DMLR upgrade!

I'm sitting at my iMac stool with a cup of tea in one hand and the mouse in the other. This is the usual scene whenever I'm going to update the page titled The Ultimate Guide To Marketing-Oriented Websites and saved as guide.htm file to load up monthly or asap. The mouse is scrolling the notes about some websites I have recently visited and found worth it to being listed onto my 100-URL selection. This periodical listing represents the oldest one conceived within the DMLR project. That is the HTML structure is almost the same of the first page I had put on line in 1997. Only with such refined features as the color background scheme—say a pastel colors range overriding the basic #FFFFFF value— intended for better separating website categories from one another. Now by a closer look that listing turns out a newly spring-colored sequence of many <table> to </table> tags, according to the season I've just revamped the whole guide.htm layout!

Web Marketing Guide

PS. Banner at the top of the guide shows up the text, not in Helvetica, reading "Guide |gi'd| a document, book, or display... providing information on a subject or about a place, e.g. a guide to Web marketing!


Read your labels on everything!

Italian major food brands have been advertising their new green no-palm-oil products including biscuits/cookies, cakes and snacks, spreads. Their claim to greenness lies in the reduction of the actual harm the oil palm system of production and consume causes to
  1. the habitat of the animals, i.e. the orangutang
  2. the consumer health, i.e. that ingredient may cause cancer
  3. both these motives (a+b)
  4. none of the former suggestions*

*Well, if you believe that the best answer should be d., maybe you think the claimed contribution to environmental and healthcare issues is difficult to prove this way. Or you likely belong to the consumer group loyal to Nutella® which ever counts on palm oil for a winning product performance—the global brand seeming not able to give up to date. Does the massive counter campaign led right now by Nutella-owning Ferrero for its high quality recipe and product image reflect your deeper suffering?

P.S. Send me your opinion (it would be published on DMLR) using the subject line as follows

 [book review]

A milestone for green marketers

Back in 1993 I had read this book on Green Marketing by Ken Peattie. Printed on recycled paper as a must, it opens the door of the Green Marketing fundamentals by means of practical references to the real actions a young but even finally stronger environmentalist movement was leading throughout the world. From 'cimatic change' to 'social unacceptable regimes' up to 'workers' rights', all concepts we adopt for now and the future seem already fixed and explained on this concise guide to key green issues for marketing. A milestone!
P.S. Additionally, because it's necessary to raise the awareness of the average citizen/consumer toward environmental issues as well as push on the green revolution in management education, I was able to contribute from this NEW EARTH 1993, Report.


Content is King

Just to speed things up a little... To go through articles, magazines, newsletters, numbers, or lists, you have to browse this over 600-page site by a professional ad-free version of FreeFind.com search engine. From your search results go ahead, explore around, click anywhere you like. At DMLR content is still king!
P.S. Enter the key word or phrase to go ahead to the right page on this site or the Web! Here the ADVANCED SEARCH OPTIONS!

 [1997-2017 online]

DMLR master plan

This 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Direct Marketing Linked Resources as continuous website online! Since it was created and developed as personal Web site it repesents the venture of a dotorger, to use a term familiar with the Internet. In March, 1996 I was visiting the "Internet Show"—a national exhibition held in Toronto— just when the Internet-Service-For-Everyone era was going to start. That meeting eventually caused the DMLR project which put forward the idea of a former marketing expertise joint together with computer-driven ways of expressing myself... and you didn't have to be a technical guru or computer wizard to use the Internet, like service provider leaflets would be affirming those days.
So how to celebrate such an event? In the simplest way, that is an animated 468x60 banner to get front-page attention and a link to the map of DMLR—as an old-fashioned Web site but still full of original contents.

#DMLR::20th online!

PS. Banner like this above is easy to realize by means of drawing progams served up on vintage Mac computers. For twenty years I have been learning to run ClarisImpact and AppleWorks on PowerBook, then GraphicConverter converts images into the right Web format.
Read on the master plan of DMLR (FAQ)!.

 ©2017 Roberto Dondi -- dmlr.org(sm)

# S T A Y T U N E D ! -- DMLR BreakingNews.

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